Camiões leves e médios

Camiões leves e médios TRACÇÃO, LIGHT MEDIUM TRUCKS


  • Drastically reduce premature wear thanks to integrated tie bars.
  • Count on reliable wet braking, even on winter roads, with the FD611’s unidirectional tread.
  • Great value for money backed by the quality and reliability of the Bridgestone group.
  • Proven year-round safety with alpine and M+S markings.
Camiões leves e médios STEER, LIGHT & MEDIUM TRUCKS


  • Take corners with ease while extending the life of your tyres thanks to the FS411’s square shoulder design.
  • Avoid wear and damage from stones courtesy of built-in stone ejectors.
  • Enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to noise-dampening groove fences.
  • Proven year-round safety with alpine and M+S markings.


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